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KhunFany.. Real or not?

So i actually posted this in the Kpop Celeb Secrets thread but realized that it might be more appropriate to start a new gossip thread since it's not really a 'secret' that i heard from elsewhere..

But what do you think about Nichkhun and Tiffany? and the evidence gathered below?

P.S.! I 've been seeing so many posts saying "omg just because they wear the same stuff it doesn't mean anything blahblahblah". It's true idols are sponsored to wear certain clothes etc. BUT NOTICE THAT THESE PICTURES ARE OF THEIR PRIVATE ITEMS. None of the evidence below are of their bags or t-shirts, but rather the personal items that idols obviously get a choice in choosing.

Gossip away!

there's a lot more going on

same tiffany necklace before nichkhun was on WGM

same cellphone charm - even after nichkhun started wgm

same couple bracelet

same watch

biggest clue - couple iPad cases that they're both using in 2012

Nichkhun has worn a "Enjoy Jesus" cap couple of times.. as a 'Buddhist', why would he wear this cap? We all know that Tiffany's a pretty outspoken Christian..

not to mention anyone who's been following Nichkhun's tweets will know there's something going on in his love life

and it seems like tiffany might have a boyfriend irl because in her 'Thanks To' from The Boys, she wrote: "-& the Silly bf, never wanna be w/o u KAY! (; ♥"

and in nichkhun's "Thanks to' in 2pm Hands UP album he also wrote "And the Silly little Young one <3"

Why did he write 'Silly little Young one" with a capital Y for young? Why did he write it in the family section? Tiffany's korean name is Hwang Mi YOUNG

PLUS!! Nichkhun was seen walking alone backstage at Tiffany's Fame Musical with the SNSD Manager. It really looks suspicious the way he's wrapped up..

seems pretty convincing to me.

Cr : http://forums.allkpop.com/threads/khunfany-real-or-not.15254/
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